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575x960_myself: Admin Staff photo imageHello  again,

My name is, Stephen Blaney and I am presently based at, Anfield, Liverpool, England, UK. I have been practising as a webmaster and SEO consultant, plus web designer and copywriter, ever since 2008 or for almost 10 years now.

Prior to this I was a self-employed ice-cream retailer. I was forced to sell my van and well-established round, after my 32 year old partner became a fatality of asthma. Even though I most obviously have been in shock, I still managed to gather my business acumen and learn about facts normal people didn't generally care for or most people have somewhat overlooked.

At this time our son, Jamie, was just aged 11. The ice-cream industry could often end the day later than 10:00pm. I realised immediately that the optimum and most practical choice would be a home based business. At the onset I struggled, however with endurance, tolerance and persistence,  I managed to design my first website - which was reliant on a third-party, drop ship distributor.

It was at this point that I developed a very strong passion to understand all there is to learn about SEO. Backlinks building and submitting, article creation and spinning, the power of proxy IP addresses and captcher solvers. Plus, the overall SEO configuration of webpages and the significance of keywords, along with where and how to display and utilise keywords to their premium added values.

You may well be asking yourself 'If he has such developer, webmaster and SEO knowledge, why is his website still a new project?' A very important and highly relevant question. Well, before our db-B2B-UK project, I had created and managed Ste-B-B2B domain - Offering clients similar services as this site. I managed Ste-B-B2B for over 4 years or from July 2012, until the end of November 2016.

Ste-B-B2B has now returned and has been a direct sure-fire success. This is the site you're visiting right now and is a subdivision spin-off from db-B2B-UK. Ste-B-B2B website is simply a plugin migration from our parent site db-B2B-UK. You will gradually notice many changes. As, copy content and page title banners.

From 2009 to 2012 I managed domain MaxWebHostUK as web hosting was the very first eCommerce solution that I provided. However, I also outgrew this domain after just 3 years. Since I've lost my partner during 2008, I just can't fix myself into a regular sleep pattern. I can often work for over 24 and up to 36 hours or until I crash out. And, I'll sleep for up to 12 hours then begin again, until I burnout again.

Saying this, I'm very focused, positive again and I now love my life, once more. I also now have a new partner after over 9 years of being single. She is the delighful and very pretty Kelly, who is also a member of our Fab-Five Senior Admin Team, having her profile and pretty pic published with our additional Senior Admin Team just further down this page.

Their profile intro & pic, with myself heading as founder and now co-owner of db-B2B-UK.  There's Kelly, who was my partner, Jo's, friend from as far back as primary school. Mou, who is an investor, with her business skills belying her 24 year old youth. Mou is my rock and business partner on a few additional wholesale and retail websites which we own between us both.

Then, there's Erica, who has been my adopted daughter since she was just 2 and half years old, when she first joined our family. I know she's going to read this content, and it's dreadful of my memory when I say that I'm not sure if she turned aged 22 or aged 23 this August just passed, 2017.

Then finally, our freshest Senior Admin Team Member is 28-year-old Sherena. She was recently recruited from our central office to make our Fab-Four now become the Fab-Five. Sherena first joined our central office as a very hard working accountant, during 2014 or over 3 years ago. Just this month, I promoted Sherena to join our head office as the company chief accoutant and paymaster.

SEO has grown also, with developers and webmasters continually updating. With the 2 major or most influencial authority page ranking factor corporate bodies, being Alexa and Google - with Google's latest SERPs rankings, expected to be answerable to Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird SEO. complex algorithms.

I now charge clients the very sensible price of £197/URL/mo - with up to 3,000 selected keywords or phrases. We also now provide my clients with many B2B solutions, which yourself too can discover, by simply browsing through our additional web pages. If you would prefer to understand any of my B2B Solutions further - you could easily email myself with any additional queries or click 'Contact' in the sidebar on the right of any web page.

Since I registered this domain during Febuary 2018, I'm now hiring many additional services types grouped team members to off-load some projects on to. Each grouped team has a head member. Hane' is a WordPress web designer and support consultant. Lauren is a high impact, conversion scoring business, email and web, copywriter. Both of these head team members are highly motivated and hugely talented in their fields.

I hired Hane and Lauren mainly to assist myself in completing websites for our reseller businesses. Or, you could just order a website without copy content or order copy content without a website. I'm extremely flexible and could create yourself a custom package, which could be tailored for your company exclusively.

Kelly, from our Fab-Five Team has been appointed to create db-B2B-UK promotional email content. She is also a highly talented wordsmith and includes Kelly's Moment as a regular adage towards the footer of her highly talented, totally engaging and hugely converting email marketing content. Kelly is also a former high school English teacher.

Thanks ever so much for viewing our 'About' page, anything else you need to know just click 'Contact - Here' or on the sidebar or header menus above or click my email link provided below. Don't forget to view our team below our About page sponsor, TrafficTravis SEO tool.

Stephen Blaney

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