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B2B + eCommerce Blogging 2019

Hi again,

Welcome to our  Ste-B-B2B + eCommerce Blogging 2019 web page. Website vendors would greatly benefit from storing this page or our homepage URL in their web browser. Our site is updated daily with strictly Member Exclusive Amazing Bonuses and new B2B + eCommerce Solutions.  

Below are our SEO and eCommerce Marketing Blog 2019. If most or some of our Blog on B2B + eCommerce Marketing 2019 fails to ring home to you - then you should get an agency similar to Ste-B-B2B to manage your SEO and/or Digital Marketing. We provide more solutions than many other B2B Agency. Most services are also backed by a Global Price-Beater Guarantee. Plus, we provide unbeatable bonuses with every order.

Please consider how adding regular content to your website causes the sitemap to be search engine indexed. It's best if the Page Title and H1 Tag are relevant to the content. The page Anchor Text should also be relevant to the content. The Anchor Text SERPs rankings could be improved by using the Anchor Text in the page URL.

This isn't easy to abide by with the URL SEO-Friendly allowed keyboard characters being <15. We have found URLs containing any page's Anchor Text with >15 characters incur less ranking penalties than an Anchor Text not contained in the page URL. The page Anchor Text should also be embedded as an Image Title and ALT TXT on the page.

Anchor Text rankings can also be improved by embedding your Longtail type Anchor Text phrase in the page Meta Title + Meta Description. Since 2012, Meta Keywords have shown no evidence of being rank indexed by search engines - recently, only serving to leave your niche list wide-open to competitors.

It won't matter how well Setup your Onsite or how powerful your Offsite SEO, both would fail keyword rankings without a website that has quality content, being informative and riveting. Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation with all copywriter content is expected. It's also desired to have each SEO targeted URL with 2,000+ words of copy content.

Each Keyword you hope to Rank First Page for should be embedded in the copy content 2-4 times. Certainly as H2 + H3 Tags. Rankings grow stronger still as a header title question with a solution directly below. Pages load speed and the bounce rate are also high on the ranking factor importance.

Site popularity over keyword competitor sites would help to increase rankings. Also, check your Alexa Global Website Position. If your position is over 1million, this is why you're being outranked. Ste-B-B2B Guarantee to have your Alexa Global Position below 199,999 + Alexa USA Rank below 20,000 for just £60.

Visit our page for /Alexa-Global Position/ Here where you have unlimited access to the published Alexa Global Position Tool. Another method of increasing keyword rankings is to have quality DoFollow/NoFollow type SEO Safe Backlinks Submitted. We could also manage this and build, submit, verify and ping 1million Tiered Ultra Safe SEO Backlinks for just £35. Kindly visit our page for /SEO-Backlinks/ Here

Looking for Trending Marketing Mediums 2019?

SEO shouldn't be the only digital marketing platform we project to, however critical. The below list of marketing platforms is only some of the routes to reach your target audience. The oldest, most powerful and widely trusted marketing medium has to be family or friend recommendation by word of mouth.

  • SEO Campaign
  • Google AdWords
  • CPC or PPC Traffic
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Free/Paid Business Directories
  • TV/Radio/Cinema Media Marketing
  • eBay/Amazon Listings
  • Gumtree/Craigslist Listings
  • Video/Image Marketing
  • Public Transport
  • Billboard Marketing
  • TeleSales Marketing
  • Affiliate Banner Ads

The above list is in no particular magic marketing order, as each market medium is specific to your niche, region and the audience you wish to target. Nor is the list completed, as these are just some of the most popular marketing mediums. An entire Marketing Mediums list would be extensive and almost endless.

Ste-B-B2B could provide you with FREE DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANCY custom to your niche and region. To qualify all you need to do is subscribe to one of our Budget - Offsite Only SEO Plans - Here. With our Budget - Offsite Only SEO Plans we can target up to 1,500-keywords and prices begin at an amazing £50/month.

To have the most options for site visitors, vendors should invent or resource/outsource for similar products or services. Some of your own daily tasks are also greater productive and less expensive outsourcing to a freelancer than hiring a team member.

If you have no experience on hiring freelancers you should really click our Fiverr banner below. Services begin at just $5, along with you can refuse/cancel any order you're dissatisfied with. You could create both buyers and sellers accounts, should you be selling within Fiverr's Terms of Service.

Kelly's Moment

Ste-B-B2B Signup Members would well remember Kelly's Moment as the regular content adage I create near the footer of published Newsletters. Our random Newsletters are sent exclusively to our Signup Member Group. The content of Kelly's Moment may or may not be related to B2B + eCommerce Blogging. With sometimes a mixture of business and my own personal, lighthearted view on topical subjects.

Kelly's Moment content is always positive and uplifting, along with at times providing Member Exclusive Bonuses and Freebies. For example, for reading our B2B and eCommerce Blog Page content through, if you should order our 500-keyword Budget - Offsite Only SEO Plan for £50/month - we would Setup our 1,500-keyword Budget - Offsite Only SEO Plan with £120/month value. To qualify just order the 500-keyword Plan and Contact Us - Here with Promo Code: Kelly Says 1500

Please consider how our freebies or bonuses are strictly Member Exclusive. We also publish new solutions and services in our Member Newsletters before they're published here at our agency website. To learn more of Kelly's Moment simply Signup for Free Member Account on the right sidebar of each page.

About Me

I'm a 28-years old single mum of 3 lovely daughters. Firstly, I came to Ste-B-B2B as a junior web designer/developer and copywriter. Since, I have also studied how to become a progressive, radical webmaster and digital marketing consultant. I love my work totally from first thing Monday morning until last thing Friday evening.

I joined Ste-B very shortly following our first agency launch, during 2008. I understand and can provide support for any of our solutions. Myself and Issie Carter are also authorised to provide our clients with bonuses beyond bonus caps Stephen sets for our other Senior Admin Team. Isabel joined our agency Senior Admin Team, during 2012. Stephen and Issie are my close friends both in work and out of work.

I was Stephen's wife's best friend from primary school before we suddenly lost her to asthma, during 2008. I had been accepted at University to study to become a High School English teacher. Ste had just begun his first agency and was hiring so I had second thoughts of becoming a teacher. I changed my studies course to web design and I've also since studied many other courses in conjunction with the many services we offer. The rest is history.

In case you've missed this offer on Ste-B-B2B other web pages - here's the chance once again to grab our 75 Onsite + Offsite FREE SEO Tools access. Simply click the link below or paste the URL into your web browser search bar. The below link could provide you with Alexa Global Website Position, SEO Page Score, plus Backlinks analysis.


Kelly's Moment  Usual Sign-Off

Usual readers of Kelly's Moment in Ste-B-B2B Newsletters content would be familiar with the life-plan advice which I include before I sign off. This would be for you to consider how at this particular moment in time - you're as young as you're ever going to be. This weekend try something radical that fits in with your physical abilities and/or age. Try your very best to be going hiking, jogging, cycling, horseriding and/or swimming.

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