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Hi again,

Welcome to the Ste-B-B2B/Email-Copy webpage – This page has been dedicated to my Guest Seller, Lauren, who is a highly professional and widely acclaimed, business copy write content composer. Lauren has added her introduction within the text content below, plus pricing per amount of words required for your email content.

Email campaigns can simply be purchased from the ‘Web Traffic‘ menu main title, dropdown list, found in both of the provided Header and Side menus – browse for ‘Email-Lists.’ Or, Click Here

I regularly hire Lauren myself for Ste-B-B2B email marketing campaigns. I am quite capable of composing email content myself, however Lauren provides her own unique creativity and copy write content style. I find Lauren’s email content to be totally engaging and riveting, plus also highly converting.

This is the reason that Lauren has been headhunted to host the Ste-B-B2B/Email-Copy webpage, as a Guest Seller. Below is Laurens text content, including her acclaimed professional background, along with very sensibly fixed pricing.

It would be a great pleasure for Ste-B-B2B to introduce our business, email and SEO-friendly copy write content author, Lauren:


They say actions speak louder than words – I beg to differ. You can point at your product and tell people to pump all of their money into it; but what is that going to do? People need a whole lot of convincing, particularly in today’s generation where the attention span is less than that of a goldfish.


Seriously. Google it.


Well-crafted copy that’s short, sweet, concise and to the point will turn curious customers into repeat buyers. They want validation that you’re the real deal. If words don’t come easily, never fear.


I’ve spent the past 6 years letting words lead the way for companies of all shapes and sizes. From video scripts to web content to email campaigns and beyond, no challenge is too big or small for me to tackle. I’ve written powerful content for thousands of companies all across the globe, and I’d love to write for you too.


There are a few words that make me smile. Quality, intelligence, dedication, creativity…and logic.


Supposedly we’re all either right or left brained. I like to think that I have a healthy balance of the two. You see, creativity without logic is useless. It’ll just be a plethora of chaos awaiting imminent implosion. I have enough creativity to gift your brand with something unique, and enough logic to make sure it boosts sales.


I want to help you, but I also don’t want to leave your wallet begging for mercy. That’s why we’ve got a fair pricing structure for you to peruse. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. But still, this shouldn’t be unrealistic. Obviously, the higher the word count, the deeper the creativity required:


100 words: £20

200 words: £35

300 words: £50

400 words: £50 + £20


4 sales banners have been provided below, with which clients should use combinations of each banner, for their required words amount order. Please click each required PayPal ‘Pay Now’ button, below each banner.

On behalf of Ste-B-B2B, I look forward to cooking up a storm of words for your next e-mail campaign!

Should you decide to purchase one or more of the provided sales banners below, following PayPal payments processing, you will be provided with the option to return to the merchant’s website. After you have been redirected to our Ste-B-B2B Homepage, simply click ‘Email-Copy’ in our provided header menu.

Alternatively, you can fill out as many as possible of Lauren’s new project, 10 questions provided below – you could do this before you actually click any of our PayPal ‘Pay Now’ buttons.

When you’ve returned to this webpage, it’s important you answer as many of Lauren’s new project questions. A contact form and text editor have been provided below.


Lauren’s Client Questions

  1.   What is the URL of your website?
  2.   What is the name of your company?
  3.   What is the name of your product/service?
  4.   Who is your target customer?
  5.   What is the main message you wish to tell about your company, product or service?
  6.   How many words would you like your copy to be?
  7.   Give 2 or 3 reasons why you are different or better than your competition.
  8.    What ‘CALL TO ACTION’ do you want?
  9.   What tone do you want?   Serious, Funny, Happy, Professional, Casual?
  10. Do you have any other thoughts or ideas?

Please answer as many of Lauren’s 10 questions above as possible. The answers should be typed into the contact form and text editor, provided below.


350x120_100_words: Sales Pricing Support Text Banner
350x120_300_words: Sales Pricing Support Text Banner
350x120_200_words: Sales Pricing Support Text Banner
350x120_400_words: Sales Pricing Support Text Banner

Thanks for viewing our Ste-B-B2B.com/email-copy webpage. To make a purchase, simply click the provided PayPal ‘Pay Now’ button, which is situated directly below the required amount of Words Copy Content. For copy write content exceeding 400 words, simply purchase multiple orders, that total your required custom content words amount.

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