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Hi again,

Welcome to our db-B2B-UK/Web-Design page where you could easily and simply purchase a quality WordPress website from just £397. This price includes all information type web pages access, such as Homepage, About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, plus .XML sitemap. db-B2B-UK £397 suggested web design price also includes setup, plus:




Custom Domain Unique Privacy Policy and Terms of Service content would be included – any copy write content for additional pages can be purchased through our db-B2B-UK/Copy-Write web page, which also includes business , email and web/eCommerce based, SEO-friendly, copy write content.

Web design completion should take no longer than, from 7-28 days, which would be fixed by the amounts of current web design projects that db-B2B-UK already have previously on order. We shall email notify yourself with an estimate website handover period following receiving your order.

To order our Web Design service, firstly contact us through db-B2B-UK/Contact or click on the “Web Design Right Here” banner below – The Contact web page Subject line should contain ‘Web Design’ with the main message text editor containing your web design preferences, including main colour theme and niche category industry.

Also, include any custom web design requirements, plus if you are interested in a FREE Domain Name &/or 12 Months FREE UK Unlimited Web Hosting  + FREE SSL + FREE Logo + FREE Web Theft Protection.

We could also provide your new website with a quality Free logo or we could also manage your new website onsite and offsite SEO campaigns or drive web, Alexa, adult, mobile or social media traffic – in order to guarantee that your site only has visitors that are actually searching for your targeted niche industry.

Simply contact us through db-B2B-UK/Contact providing details of your web design preferred requirements, any colours preferences, plus any additional requirements you may have. We will work closely with yourself until you’re finally satisfied with your db-B2B-UK newly designed website

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Yes, exactly as the information banner above indicates, up until end September 30th, 2017 – any new orders for website design will have an additionally included £167 Savings Value, to reduce.

Free AMP Plugin Installation & Activation | Free SSL Certificate Installation, inc. All Signature Codes Publishing | Free 5x Web Pages Title Banners | Free Contact Page Name, Email & Subject and Message Areas Contact Form with WYSIWYG Text Editor | Free Logo | Free Web Visitor Live Chat.

Our exclusive for Summer, 2017 Only, additional £167 value of included savings, plus any related marketing banners, are subject to be removed prematurely, once our team of web designers and consultants have potentially filled orders capacity to manage deliver web design, site handover in a timely manner.

Don’t forget that db-B2B-UK web design includes all information web pages, for instance access to the Homepage; About; Contact; Privacy Policy; Terms of Service. Plus, we’ll also even create your websites .XML Sitemap web page, which is used by search engines for indexing and ranking all of your web pages URLs.

Please note: Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, disclaimer copy write content will be included for your new website. Any additional copy write content can be purchased upon request, for a sensibly fixed extra fee.

db-B2B-UK provides all multiple purchase orders with additional free extra bonuses &/or price reduction incentives. Our in-house WordPress head of the website designe, is also a WordPress consultant, whom was headhunted by db-B2B-UK to provide our manage Web Design service.

What other designers don’t inform unwitting clients of, is that their design only provides access to maybe 5 web pages, with none receiving content. Even so, with only access to 5 pages homepage, info pages and XML sitemap, which are basic required minimum content, needs 6 web pages. Without these pages a website fails to ever begin to manage progress to completion.

Our web design service, is sensibly affordable, includes more features, web pages, custom Privacy Policy, inc. Cookie declaration and Terms of Service disclaimers content – plus our web hosting package included, as in Free 12/mo unlimited bandwidth and storage, Free 12/mo domain registration, Free 12/mo SSL Certificate protection, Free AMP plugin, plus our Free domain privacy protection.

Thanks for viewing our web design page, please browse our additional B2B and eCommerce solutions, as displayed on our header menu titles. We challenge you to find a competitor charging less for any like-for-like services which we offer to provide.

Many web developer agencies competition, often display similar or more costly prices. However, they don’t include design may only provide 5 web pages capacity, with zero page contents – Homepage, Legally required Info Pages, plus XML Sitemap, usually we include as the first 6 created pages, with almost unlimited additional web pages inclusions potential allowance.

Just take a final view of our Additional Summer Shower of Inclusions, with Total Savings Value of £160. Please try refraining from imagining these Values for each additional price on the display banners below or above, are possibly only worth total £160 purely on the authority of our own prefixed costs.

No, feel welcome to request cost quotes of banner inclusions prices from third-party freelancers and/or competitor web design agencies. They could well quote similar prices per displayed service, tho you would soon find the true total worth, somewhat exceeding our own suggested values. Also, many related agencies can charge over our fixed price of £67 just for SSL Certificate issue, with installation and signature codes publishing costing extra.

db-B2B_Web-Design_Summer 2017_Update: Sales Inclusions Update Support Banner 728x320 Blue/Pink

Drop Ship Businesses, Website + Hosting

db-B2B-UK are pleased and very excited to announce how we’ve recently taken over the ownership of the Adult Supplies Superstore, Adult-For-Play – plus Pet Supplies Superstore, My-Pet-Needs. We are since able to provide our website visitors with a custom website similar to each site displayed at the relative domain link below.

We’ve also been notified how each website will have a guaranteed drop ship account approval, plus each website will be loaded with more than 1,000 published products.

What is Drop Shipping?

The easiest way to describe drop shipping would be by explaining how a drop shipper is usually a wholesaler who would offer to also package and deliver goods for a retailer or website with a drop ship account. This is ideal for start-up businesses who may be unable to finance stock inventories, with the drop shipping wholesales distributor keeping their own business title discreetly undisclosed.

This would include any packages Return Address, usually being a PO Box Number. It’s usually also customary of drop shipper’s to include invoices with their retailer domain and/or logo. Drop Shipping is huge in the USA, Canada and Australia, although I’ve never seen the UK having a drop shipping merchant to be trading since before 2008.

We include all website setup, besides copywriter content, which we could provide custom for your drop ship site from just £20. We would strongly suggest you use our copy content or that of another well-seasoned copywriting professional. Please click Adult-For-Play or My-Pet-Needs link for examples of just how your drop ship website business could look. Please don’t click on our adult website, should you be easily offended or under aged 18, as there is pornographic content published.

Please Note: Any drop shipping website examples would not include any published affiliate marketing banner ads. We will provide affiliate, plus SEO, internet and email marketing 1-month free consultancy. We will also provide your drop ship website with 12 months unlimited storage and bandwidth web hosting, plus an AMP plugin install and SSL Certificate Issue from Industry leaders Comodo.

See each website type published banner for included features, with many additional features which we haven’t yet listed being included with each drop ship website package. We have notification from each of both website types drop ship distributor, of how they’ve guaranteed db-B2B-UK approval of any drop ship account we should create on behalf of our clients.

Simply click each relative PayPal ‘Pay Now’ button directly below the website type features banner which you wish to order. We would return £100 to the PayPal account within 30 days of any clients who order both the websites together. We regret there would be no refund included for both websites not ordered together.

Our intention is to be certain every drop ship business with the website we supply is a sure success – however, this would only be possible through clients following our internet and email marketing advice. Plus, making sure you understand the importance of onsite and offsite SEO and copywriting content being keywords-rich.

We don’t advise drop ship business and our website clients to create their own copywriting content, which should be created by one of our copywriting content team or a well-seasoned copywriter professional. Please be certain to advise any third-party copywriter of your main anchor text and keywords you wish to target. Our own copywriting team member would provide you free advice and suggestions of anchor text and copywriter keyword-rich content.

We couldn’t be certain of being certain drop ship businesses are a success with self-created or any hired third-party copywriter content. Or, for any clients who fail to respond to our SEO, any internet and email marketing campaigns consultancy support we provide. It is in db-B2B-UK own interest to be certain each drop ship business and website we setup has instant and continuously managed success.


Here’s to Your Business Success

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