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Hi again,

You could simply contact us by filling out your required details below. For swiftest and most conclusive reply, please view db-B2B-UK/Contact Support Notes provided below. The below Contact Support Notes are provided with the intention of myself offering you a single reply Contact conclusion.


Contact Support Notes:

If applicable, kindly mark the Subject area with the db-B2B-UK Category related to your query or concern, (SEO; Mobile Traffic, Reseller, etc.) If you already have access to traffic Ad ID or a db-B2B-UK Purchase Invoice Number. Please also mark the Contact Subject area with this important information.


‘Your Message’ Area

Please fill out the ‘Your Message’ area provided below with as much detailed information as possible. For instance, if your query relates to a Visitor Traffic area, please quote Ad ID, (Provided with your Purchase Confirmation invoice)  along with the targeted URL you’ve provided and the nature of your query. Or is this is a pre-sales query please post your interested B2B categories in the Subject area, ie. Mobile Traffic; SEO. Pre-Sales Queries.

Email Copy Write Solutions

Should your query relate to your outsourcing of email copy write content, please give details of landing page URL, plus any strong selling points, offers, bonuses or other current marketing promotions, in ‘My Message’ area. Also, please make a request of total approximate word count expected – plus kindly inform me of send from and return address, ([email protected]) you would prefer custom links of within your email content. You are also permitted 3 Email Titles, per copy write content, ie. Business to Business Wake-up Call, Marketing Solutions, Email Marketing.


Pre-Sales Solutions

Should your query relate to pre-sales of B2B Solutions – kindly mark the Subject area with B2B Categories you are showing interest in, plus fill out the ‘Your Message’ area with any concerns or suggestions, in most detailed information – please address any/all pre-sales concerns you may hold, no matter how many or how trivial your concerns – Any information I may have unintentionally not included or you’ve not noticed may hold greatest prospect conversion decisions to yourself or your clients

The above information is aimed at having myself bringing your queries or concerns to a resolved conclusion, through a single reply. This helps prevent client frustration, plus adds additional confidence in my Contact Support area


Average ‘Contact’ Page Reply Periods

The reply could quite rarely, (Once per week, maybe) take 24-36 hours. However, most replies are returned, within 12-24 hours or at times even sooner or even almost immediately, even at 04:15, Sunday morning – including during weekends, all public holidays. plus throughout all religious or holy festivities.

If you’re in need of a swifter response, please check if our Live Chat on each web page is monitored. There are only 4 of us in the company who understands plenty enough about each service we provide; to qualify to meet Live Chat support requirements.


We’re currently training more admin in support. However, because there’s such a vast Knowledgebase to learn to cover ever service – training is quite lengthy and an ongoing quest.

Thanks for viewing our db-B2B-UK/Contact web page – We will reply as soon as we can, which could prove to be almost instantly, possibly.



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