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Geo + Niche Category Targeted Web Traffic - Competitors Costs

www.db-B2B-UK.com - 5,000 Geo + Niche Targeted Web Visitors = $10USD - Recommended for Lowest CPM 

www.WebTrafficGeeks.com - 5,000 Geo + Niche Targeted Web Visitors = Minimum is 10,000 visitors at $70USD

www.Visitorz.com - 5,000 Geo + Niche Targeted Web Visitors = Minimum is 10,000 visitors at $49.97USD

www.TheBestWebTraffic.com - 5,000 Geo + Niche Targeted Web Visitors = $16USD

www.Traffic-Masters.net - 5,000 Geo + Niche Targeted Web Visitors = $14USD

Hi again,

Welcome to our db-B2B-UK Geo-targeted and niche targeted web traffic page. Here you have the options of up to, 90+ Geolocations and up to  330+ niche industry categories. For a time limited period new niche targeted and Geo-targeted web traffic orders from clients will also be able to alter the following settings, unlimited times during each live and running web traffic campaign: 

Alter URL | Alter Geo-target | Alter Niche Category
Pause / Restart  Traffic Campaigns

Altering the above settings would prove really productive and beneficial, should you own more than one website or if you're shopping for regular niche targeted and Geo-targeted web traffic on behalf of clients. I don't know of any other web traffic merchant who offers their clients to adjust these bonus options settings.

My Geo-targeted and category targeted web traffic is currently priced from, $10 for first 5,000 web visitors. I always offer huge reductions for bulk web traffic orders, plus I'm giving 1,000 free visitors, with every new and unique traffic campaign ordered. Payments are processed through PayPal, who provide safe and secure shopping and credit or debit card processing with 128-bit, digitally encrypted ordering.

How is My Traffic Generated?

My Geo-targeted and category targeted web traffic is generated using the same methods as many of today's web traffic traders resource their traffic. This is by using countless parked, dormant or retired domains from same niche industry categories. Although the domains are dormant they are all still highly searched for. When visitors search the same industry domain, they are then redirected to your provided URL.

This method of generating web traffic is chosen today by most leading web traffic traders and only directs traffic who are actually searching for your products or services niche categories. This web traffic resourcing method is the most popular of today's way of generating web traffic audiences. Previously resourced methods typically directed poor quality or mainly web bots traffic - None of that here!!

To order my web traffic simply click the banner below with the number of unique web visitors you require for your budget. You will then be directed to the ordering web page where you should follow the order processing information. You will be sent an email message which you should also check your Junk/Spam folder for.

Please Note: Web visitors will NOT be accounted for in web stats unless the visitor has landed on your provided URL web page for 20 seconds or more.

I do not offer any amounts of minimum Guaranteed Conversion Rates and neither should competitor web traffic merchants. This is for the simple and logical reason that a site giving away bags of free cash would certainly convert more visitors than say a site selling bags of dated newspapers at more than extortionate prices - This standard visitors conversion figures view should always be considered regardless of where the web traffic may be resourced from.

Many thanks for viewing my regular Geo-targeted and niche targeted web traffic - kindly view my other additional web pages to find several worthwhile global and UK online B2B services, plus global and UK online eCommerce solutions. Please view our Geo + Niche Targeted Web Traffic - Competitor's Costs at the top of this copywriting content for our final reminder of how we resource the Lowest CPM with 100% Guaranteed Real Human Visitors.

db-B2B-UK are excited to have began setup of  our NEW Traffic and Email Campaign Monthly Special's, which are currently fixed at our wholesale prices. The 30,000 amount of traffic and email campaigns have been created due to popular client demand for 1,000 per day deliveries, spread over 30 day's. These offers are most strictly time limited - such pricing only usually exclusively reserved for orders of wholesale/reseller clients.

Thanks for viewing my Geo-targeted and niche category targeted web traffic. If you haven't ordered today, then save this webpage to your browser Bookmarks / Favourites, as you'll soon return to order, once you take note of my competitors prices.