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-  Geo and Niche Targeted Web Traffic -

Competitors Costs

www.db-B2B-UK.com - 5,000 Geo + Niche Targeted Web Visitors = $10USD - Recommended for Lowest CPM 

www.WebTrafficGeeks.com - 5,000 Geo + Niche Targeted Web Visitors = Minimum is 10,000 visitors at $70USD

www.Visitorz.com - 5,000 Geo + Niche Targeted Web Visitors = Minimum is 10,000 visitors at $49.97USD

www.TheBestWebTraffic.com - 5,000 Geo + Niche Targeted Web Visitors = $16USD

www.Traffic-Masters.net - 5,000 Geo + Niche Targeted Web Visitors = $14USD

Geo and Niche Targeted Web Traffic

Hello once again! You’ve successfully found your way to the db-B2B-UK Geo-Targeted and Niche Targeted Web Traffic page. Well done! Things are about to heat up. Why? Because we’re giving you the opportunity to have up to over 250 Geolocations and 330+ Niche Industry Categories. Think fast; because for a limited time, we’ll also be rewarding our valued clients with the ability to alter certain settings (outlined below this paragraph) an unlimited number of times throughout each live and actively running web traffic campaign:

- Alter URL, Geo-Target and Niche Category -

- Pause/Restart Traffic Campaigns -

We know what you’re thinking. What’s so cool about that? Elementary, dear reader. Who wouldn’t want or need more productivity? Let’s say you own multiple websites or are on the online-hunt for regular Niche Targeted and Geo-Targeted Web Traffic on behalf of your clients. We don’t know about other web traffic merchants, but as far as we know, we’re the only ones offering the ability to adjust these bonus options settings. Who could say no to that?

So, what will I pay?

Good question. This Geo-Targeted and Category Targeted Web Traffic package currently starts from just $10 for the first 5,000 web visitors. We happily offer impressive discounts and price reductions for bulk web traffic orders, and we’re even throwing in 1,000 FREE visitors with each new, unique traffic campaign ordered. Each order is securely processed through PayPal for your peace of mind, with 128-bit, digitally encrypted ordering. You’re welcome.

How will my traffic be generated?

Easy – through the same methods most leading web traffic traders in the digital age use. We’re referring to the use of countless parked, dormant and/or retired domains from same-niche industry categories. Yes, the domains are dormant. No, they’re not blowing away in the wind like tumbleweeds. They’re still highly searched for, and when visitors search the same industry domain, they’ll be redirected to your URL. Cool, huh? Only people who’re likely to already be interested in what you have to offer will be directed your way. No more poor-quality traffic, or worse, bots.

Ready to order? Just hit the banner below and pick how many unique web visitors you want. You’ll then be taken to the order page where the process is so easy to follow, a toddler could do it. We’ll then send you a mail. Be sure to check that it doesn’t find its way into the junk in your inbox-trunk.

Thank you again, and best of luck!

db-B2B-UK are excited to have began setup of  our NEW Traffic and Email Campaign Monthly Special's, which are currently fixed at our wholesale prices. The 30,000 amount of traffic and email campaigns have been created due to popular client demand for 1,000 per day deliveries, spread over 30 day's. These offers are most strictly time limited - such pricing only usually exclusively reserved for orders of wholesale/reseller clients.

Thanks for viewing my Geo-targeted and niche category targeted web traffic. If you haven't ordered today, then save this webpage to your browser Bookmarks / Favourites, as you'll soon return to order, once you take note of my competitors prices.

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